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"The Grief Index"

"The Grief Index" is my non-scientific, intuitive measure that I believe we all use in decision making or an input to behaviour.

Within Enterprise IT, "The Grief Index" is present as a decision framework all the time. When I mention or describe it to IT leaders they laugh and completely understand. For example, consider the corporate printing fleet. Many organisations would benefit greatly from a focused effort on printer consolidation and mature management of printing processes and functionality. There are quite a few case studies to support this tactic. However, any changes to end-user printing is the third-rail for IT leaders. Despite the potential for savings many will not undertake that sort of initiative without getting pushed into it because of the grief associated with any change related to the user printers. So in this case "The Grief Index" is stopping value from being realised.

The Grief Index

Created: 2013.04.26

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